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About Us
About Us

Fulani braids are a protective Afro hairstyle that has recently been an internet obsession due to their sassy appearance. The name is derived from the Fulani people of Africa but has been made popular around the world, thanks to social media platforms.

Fulani Braids is a combination of box braids and cornrows with a unique and sharp appearance. They are long-lasting hairstyles that can be worn for 4-6 weeks, after which you need to properly hydrate your scalp to maintain the look as new growth comes in.

At Elite Braids + Weaving, we can create stunning Fulani braids of any style you want. From Fulani braids with weaves to Fulaji braids with curls, our hair stylists can create trendy and stylish Fulani braids for you. Whatever length or intimacy you want, we can exceed your expectations with dapper Fulani braids.

Book a session at any one of our three salons in Houston for stylish Fulani Braids and other protective Afro hairstyles.

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Fulani Braids

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