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What are Individual Crochet Braids?

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About Us

Crochet braids have become a popular braiding style adopted by the Afro community world over. Amongst the various techniques and styles that you can achieve with this kind of braiding, individual crochets are one of the most sought-after styles.

This style is achieved by blending individual braids into crochet hair extensions. Individual crochet differs from other crochet braids techniques like crochet box braids, crochet curls, and crochet twists in terms of finishing. Under individual crochets, the cornrow method isn't used, unlike its counterparts.

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Get Crochet Braids at Elite Braids and natural hair

Depending on the specific style you want, individual crochets take about 2-3 hours at a professional hair salon like Elite Braids and natural hair. Our hair stylists are thorough experts in creating individual crochet braids lasting up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the care and maintenance of your hair.

Rock any occasion with individual crochet styles with great versatility. Our expert hair stylists can create individual crochet braids as per your wishes and hair type. Depending on the intricacy of the braiding pattern and the quality of hair installed, you can wear a custom individual crochet braid in just a single session at Elite Braids and natural hair.

Get in touch and schedule an individual crochet braiding session at your convenience at any of our three locations across Houston.

About Us
About Us

Individual Crochet Pricing

Shoulder (Medium)

90 Minutes


Shoulder (Small)

90 Minutes