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Loc Touch Up and Maintenance at Elite Braids + Weaving

About Us
About Us

At Elite Braids + Weaving, we're a premium hair styling salon offering the best Afro hairstyles for customers. Our range of hairstyles includes braiding, crochet, twists, faux locs, and weaves, along with a range of hairstyles for men, women, and children. Our hair stylists hold prime expertise in creating faux locs and dreads with any style of your preference. Get ravishing bohemian locs, goddess, locs, and distressed locs with a complete hairdo to rock any occasion.

We also provide touch-up services for you to maintain your hairstyle for a long time. Our loc touch-up service includes:

  1. Scalp cleansing
  2. Cleaning your hair from root to the ends, and
  3. Re-locking of individual locs at the root.

When you book a loc touch-up service at Elite Braids + Weaving, you'll get a session for maintaining your locks. The process will begin with cleansing your scalp thoroughly. Our hair stylists then begin the minute procedure of cleaning individual strands of your hair, from the roots all the way down to the surface. We then re-wrap individual locs on your hair for a fresh, new look.

If you have textured or colored hair in your locs, please specify it while booking a session to maintain the original look.

Book a loc touch-up session at Elite Braids + Weaving for a long-lasting style that inspires awe everywhere you go.

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About Us
About Us

Loc Touch Up Pricing


70 Minutes


Mid Back

70 Minutes


Low Back

70 Minutes



70 Minutes



70 Minutes