Crochet with Loose Hair

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About Us
About Us

Crochet braids have long been the most sought-after hairstyle for transforming one's look. At Elite Braids + Weaving, our crocheting process is quick and easy with minimum manipulation of your natural hair.

Crochet braids are mainly used to add length to one's natural hair or to simply care for them. The base of the hair is cornrowed on which extensions are added for a 100% natural appearance.

One of the primary benefits of crochet is that they're a great protective option for any kind of length or hair texture. Amongst the different kinds of crochet braids, crochet with loose hair is a popular choice for women today, thanks to its easy installation and maintenance.

Elite Braids + Weaving has a highly trained and experienced styling team who are well-versed with all kinds of crochet braids, including crochet with loose hair. Get a curly and wavy appearance with our expert crochet braiding technique that'll really make you the centerpiece of all the attractions.

We can help you discover the best crochet style that suits your hair and personality. You can flaunt your wavy crochets or use them as a base for the next hairstyle at Elite Braids + Weaving.

Get in touch and schedule a crochet braiding session at your convenience at any of our three locations across Houston.

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About Us
About Us

Chrochet with Loose Hair Pricing

Shoulder (Medium)

50 Minutes


Shoulder (Small)

50 Minutes